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As I launch out into the deep, the fear that kept me out of the water must be eradicated!! A silent vote of confidence is unnecessary for the strong mind with a mind to let your voice be heard. Let loose and let go of timidity. Those who are strong in principle will stay stagnate if that strength isn’t shared with others. I cheat the world out of my strength if I choose not to be dynamic. This attempt at sharing my voice on this blog is my “baby steps” towards refusing to continue cheating the world. Welcome.



HONEST work yields HONEST results but the real reward is in the quality of the finished product.

At one point, all you had was a dream that your consistent work within your passion would yield a finished product.

From passion to ACTION to diligence in ACTION to the finished product.

It is the stuff that dreams produce.


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If you have no passport, you cannot go and change the world.  It was a sensible statement of truth BUT it did not affect me right away.

No shoe leather in my closet would be worn out for anyone in another country; as a citizen travel-less and undocumented.

My great adventures lay dormant until embarking on a postal adventure; applying for a passport. It snatched complacency from my purse and unleashed a dream; a travel-ful, out of country adventure. I can go and change the world.


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I saw the decline of a young gamer, BUT was too prideful to shed a tear.
Shame on me…
as the shame of technology sucked out his genius with heartless algorithms.
Who’s shedding a tear? 
How can the young reclaim their hours of lost curiosity, partially buried dreams or memories of talking to grandpa on the back porch?



On personal merit:

On my own merits? @ my best, my behavior is criminal

@ my worst, my behavior is depraved

But in Jesus Christ, I’m forgiven and accepted by God through His amazing grace.




Self Improvement:

Recapture you dreams and go back to being a B. A. B. Y. (Becoming A Better You)

On Love:

Lost love is just—–

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Love covered with mistrust, laziness and empty promises.

Just start over again by uncovering it.



Stampede towards happiness


By all accounts, there was no real lull in the revelry. If there was a stampede, it was to get to the bar or the dance floor. High spirits were contagious that nite. No real need for an escort because dancing your soul happy by yourself wasn’t that unusual… although it may have looked real sad. Unattached with a brilliant diamond on that left finger spoke volumes about no real meaningful partner for protection. Any who chose to whisper about that seemingly sober lady just doing her solo on every other song, soon grew tired of her performance…even as tragic as it seemed to everyone but her.

Happiness is overrated for the forlorn and desperate. So much of those people have lost their battle; stressing over lovers who don’t get the point. The festivities can mask the deep seated hatred for showing up without the other; especially as the third wheel. The chase has become a lost cause. Who can you tell? It’s just too sad as an interesting conversation so just keep it moving…even if it the other has no great interest with couple’s adventures.

If the garb reflects a good time then the noise will drown out the screams for relief. No love lost, know happy moments but no slow dancing—sexy and close; no stampede towards happiness. Just drifting through in a costume meant for having a good time—–realizing occasional weightlessness from the burden of empty memories.

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I reared back and saw myself mugging and looking so cute. But who could have imagined such power and talent wrapped up in one so young? 

True enough the dye had been cast for greatness. The love of all things artsy and fartsy came across in all that they were told to explore. No mandate was forced upon them but that which appealed to them came to the fore. But the force with which it came out made people turn and look at me and say, ‘she sho’ got some real talent’.

Hey lil mirror image, gon wit yo bad self!!! We will stand in your shadow and let the cool breezes of your success waft over us. There is much to celebrate as you venture out and bless this world. I stand proud. I cover my mouth and marvel. God Bless you. God is blessing those who have happened upon your greatness. It’s ok to say GREATNESS because we know who we are and whose we are; right?





No foto can capture her beauty; without her permission.

No dismal circumstances could blot out her courage; yet we were told that Jesus fixed it.

No lack of advanced education stunted her professional careers.

No financial obstacles kept her from sharing with those who just couldn’t make ends meet.

We saw her proudly model her strength while navigating impossible odds; yet the weakening muscular trauma has laid her lower than she could imagine while living.

No foto can presently capture her beauty, courage, quick wit or holy living; yet we serve as her witnesses.



Many wonder:

‘where in the world is this world going to?’

But few will examine their behavior that might be contributing 

to the state of affairs in this world.

Each must stop and examine themselves

to rectify their personal depravity

in this place we call Mother Earth.


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